4th & 5th October, 2017 | Geneva

The Global Coffee Sustainability Conference is the go-to global sustainability event that connects people, programs, and opportunities. Join 150+ key decision makers to develop practical, concrete actions to improve the economic viability of coffee farming.

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Why the Economic Viability of Farming matters

This year’s Global Coffee Sustainability Conference theme is ‘Securing the Economic Viability of Farming’.

But why is the economic viability of farming so important?


This theme has been chosen because it underpins the entire sector and is a crucial condition for the coffee industry to survive and thrive. Over 25 million coffee farmer families worldwide earn a living from coffee. If these farmers and their families cannot earn a decent living from farming coffee it damages their livelihoods and their communities. Ultimately if growing coffee is economically unsustainable they will look to grow other crops, and that puts the entire industry at risk.

What are we doing about it?


The Economic Viability of Farming is one of GCP’s thematic Collective Action Networks (along with Climate Smart Agriculture and Gender & Youth).

This spring we announced a quick scan on the Economic Viability of Farming in partnership with Technoserve to frame the overall Collective Action Network. The quick scan is focused on helping to build an updated overview of farmer economics data and supply chain structures in 11 countries. The results will be shared this summer.

By drawing attention to this topic GCP is responding to a real and critical issue in the coffee world. This is about translating a real issue into practical action, rather than a theoretical concept.

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