4th & 5th October, 2017 | Geneva

The Global Coffee Sustainability Conference is the go-to global sustainability event that connects people, programs, and opportunities. Join 150+ key decision makers to develop practical, concrete actions to improve the economic viability of coffee farming.

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Speakers announced for the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference 2017

The power of collaboration

Dominic Waughray is the Head Public Private Partnership and a Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum.

What role does public-private collaboration play in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals? What can the coffee community learn from other sectors? This session will bring inspiring high-level perspectives on the power of collaboration for real, tangible change.

Dominic joined the World Economic Forum in 2006 as inaugural Director of Environmental Initiatives to build the World Economic Forum’s global role in environment and resource security issues. He has been Head of Public Private Partnership, Member of Executive Committee since 2013. He is also an International Fellow of IIED; Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House); Visiting Scholar Stanford University Woods Institute for the Environment; Advisory Board Corporate EcoForum; Trustee of The Climate Group and Chair of the 2030 Water Resources Group Steering Board (a global public-private partnership with the World Bank Group).


The economic viability of production

Roberto Vélez is the Chief Executive Officer of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC).

The future of coffee undeniably depends on the economic viability of its production. During the World Coffee Producers Forum in Medellín, the challenges the coffee chain face were analyzed and discussed in a comprehensive way, mainly from the perspective of the coffee growers. In this speech, Roberto Velez will elaborate on those challenges, share insights into the next steps led by the World Coffee Producer Forum and call for broader collaboration to effectively address the challenges collectively.

Roberto Vélez has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) since 2015. He is an economist from the Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), with a postgraduate degree from the University of Brighton, England. He represented Colombia as Ambassador to Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Roberto has worked at the FNC for more than 20 years, including working as Director in Asia and Chief Commercial Officer, among other positions.

We are thrilled that Dominic and Roberto will be joining us in Geneva, and look forward to hearing their perspective and insights.